Sunflower Hive Charm

Sunflower Hive Charm

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"Indigenous agriculturalists worldwide have always spent a lot of time making and adorning all their tools, making meaningfully ornate the walls and floors of their homes, adorning their own bodies and farm animals, making beautiful their graves, and more so the sacred architecture of their fields, infusing every aspect of their existence, physical and spoken, with an indigenous beauty, powerful, ornate, clear, sparkling, proud, and strong."
- Martín Prechtel, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic

These hive charms are a humble gesture towards remembering that gorgeous old-time way of adorning that Martín describes so well.

People have been adorning and charming their bee hives for as long as humans have made houses for bees!

Each copper cut-out is handmade to fit a standard top bar hive, the dimensions are 12"x8". If you've got a different hive style, just let me know in a note at the check out and if needed, I can alter the dimensions for you. The sheet copper comes pre-punched with holes, so that you can easily and sturdily nail it to wood.

A portion of the proceeds from hive charms will go to support the important work of Tatreez and Tea, who, in their words, are Keeping Palestinian Embroidery Traditions Alive in the Diaspora.

Bee Charm
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